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customers can utilize a document comparison feature called Redlining, which supports comparison of two MS Word files (The Document Comparison action uses Microsoft Word's track changes feature and allows you to compare two Microsoft Word files, version 2010 or higher). The Word Track Changes feature allows a user to input two versions of a given file, creating a new redlined document; the new document . You can upload a baseline document and a revised version of the document, and then use a Document Comparison action to create a redlined version of the document, which shows the changes made between one version the baseline document and the next. This comparison action is triggered within
by an action type called a Document Comparison Action. The redlined MS Word file can be downloaded through
’s user interface.


To use redlining, you must be running

on a Microsoft server with MS Word installed or you must connect to the Hosted Services Word API and enable Word API services.


For setup instructions on connecting to the Hosted MS Word Services API, please consult our Word API Setup document.

Creating the Fields and Action Button




  1. On the General tab, name the action button (e.g., Compare Documents).
  2. Select the Execute Action checkbox.
  3. Click Add Action.
  4. In the pop-up window, click Create Document Comparison Action.
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revised version. You can then download the redlined file from your knowledgebase.

Document Comparison actions are useful in situations where people review documents and provide potential changes before documents are finalized. For example, imagine you create a contract document from a record, and you must send it to your company's legal counsel before finalizing it. When the legal counsel sends a revised version of the document back, you can run a Document Comparison action to easily find any changes they suggest.

  • Companyname
     must have access to Microsoft Word to use the Document Comparison action. For more information about configuring your knowledgebase to use Word, see Microsoft Word Services Integration.
  • In the table where you'll create the Document Comparison action, make sure you have three File with Versioning fields: one for the baseline document, one for the revised version, and one for the redlined version.

Create a Document Comparison Action

You can find the Actions wizard with several different navigation paths, but the easiest is to select Setup [Table Name] on the left pane for the table where you wish to create your action.

  1. Click the Actions tab in the Table wizard.
  2. Click Create Document Comparison Action. The Document Comparison action wizard opens.
  3. On the General tab, name the action

  4. (e.g., ‘Compare Documents’).On the
  5. and provide a description.


    Once your action is saved, the system automatically adds an R: before your given title to distinguish it as a Document Comparison action.

  6. On the Data Source tab, select the fields that hold the

    Revised File, Previous File, and the field to hold the Redlined document.
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  7. For customers accessing the Hosted Word API services for redlining, select the Use Hosted Service to Compare Documents checkbox.
  8. All users: Finish the action. Finish setting up the action button and Save it. Continue organizing the layout and permissions as needed.



  1. revised file, the baseline or previous file, and the redlined file.
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  2. For the redlined file, choose whether to overwrite any existing files, append the new file, or update the latest file.
  3. If desired, select a Yes/No Choice field that's set to Yes if any differences are flagged between the baseline and revised files.
  4. Select whether any tracked changes in the comparison documents are accepted by Word before the comparison is performed.
  5. Choose whether to use the hosted service for the document comparison. Select this option if you are on a Linux/Unix system, or if you're a hosted customer using the Word API.
  6. Click Finish.

Compare Document Versions in the Same Field

With some caveats, you can compare two versions of a document within the same field by selecting the same field name for both the Revised File and the Previous File. When comparing documents this way, keep the following in mind:

  • Versioning must be enabled for the file field.
  • The field must contain at least two versions of a document, or the action will not run.
  • If the field has several documents, the action runs on the most recently updated version. The action compares this version with the immediately previous version.
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