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The following topics will help the

administrator when implementing and managing their knowledgebases:Administrator Guide is designed to help administrators to configure a knowledgebase and all its elements. System administrators have access to all levels of the system, including the Admin Console and the entire Setup menu, in addition to the system functions available to power users. As such, this Administrator Guide is an extension of the Power User Guide, not a replacement. Experienced administrators can also review the advanced configuration capabilities in the Developer Guide.

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To provide a general overview, system administrators are able to:

Working with Live Systems

Once your 

KB is live, make sure to take precautions when you need to make configuration changes like adding or editing fields, changing history tracking, and updating or running extra rules.

In most cases, these changes should be made outside of regular business hours, or during a special, planned service window:

  • Any work on process tables
  • Updates to the People table, which is usually linked to multiple process tables
  • Adding fields to History tracking
  • Deleting fields, which is usually not recommended anyway

For updates to the People table or changes to History tracking, try to collect these requests and make the changes in batches, rather than making each change as it is requested.

For working on and testing rules, if you must do so in a live system, use the Demo Data field to filter the rule so it doesn't affect real records.children

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