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The same steps are executed whether you are in GUI or console mode. Below is an installation session run in console mode, with comments.

Begin installation

The Linux installer is run as .sh <installer file name>. If you choose the –c option, the installer runs in console mode. It prints a welcome message and recommends closing all other applications – this is optional. Press Enter to continue.

Note: If you want to specify the MySQL directory, use the parameter -mysqldir <location>. For example, -mysqldir /home/admin/custommysqldir.


Code Block
root# sh -c
Unpacking JRE ...
Starting Installer ...
Autodetected configuration file: /etc/EnterpriseWizardConfig.xml
This will install Agiloft on your computer.

It is recommended that you close all other applications before continuing.
OK [o, Enter], Cancel [c]