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  1. AI Platform Labels

    This page lists the key terms and clauses that are extractable with AI Platform. Use this list to determine what you can extract from contracts during import … , either navigate to Setup > Integrations and click Configure under AI, or create/edit a Machine Learning action. Label List Label Name Label Type Source
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  2. AI Platform

    With an AI Platform license, you can use the following artificial intelligence features in Agiloft: Train your own labels with AI Trainer Import legacy … AI Platform requires an additional AI Platform license. Deployment Work with your  representative to deploy and configure AI Platform. This process
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  3. AI Trainer

    is Agiloft's proprietary platform for training AI models. With AI Trainer, you can customize the type of content that AI can extract from contracts. This process works by feeding an AI model a dataset that contains examples of what you'd like it to recognize. Once it has been trained on that dataset properly
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  4. Generative AI Action

    Generative AI actions allow you to configure generative capabilities in the GenAI Prompt Lab, which can then be triggered by a rule or action button … contract document. This action is only available with the AI Platform (Core) license. Create an Action To create a Generative AI action: Navigate to Setup
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  5. Generative AI

    With Agiloft's generative AI capabilities, you can leverage large language models to streamline contract negotiation, review, and redlining. To use Generative AI, you need a Generative AI license. Using Generative AI Use Generative AI to improve clauses in a contract document, as well as redline changes to keep track
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  6. AI Models and AI Credentials

    The AI Models table contains a list of the trained and configured models. Agiloft's AI capabilities are explained in detail here Of these, Agiloft's hosted AI Models are pre-configured out of the box and ready for use.  From this table, you can import
  7. Setting Up AI

    The first time you enable AI in your  system, you need to do some initial setup to enable the feature and configure the models you want to use. After initial setup, you still use the same process to change which AI Capabilities are running, and to add or remove models.   AI features require the Advanced or Premium
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  8. Extracting Data with AI

    The Agiloft AI Core allows you to extract key terms and clauses from contracts. You can use a machine learning action to map these values to fields in records … the information here as a starting point or introduction to the available methods of integrating AI with the rest of a KB, but be prepared to make adjustments
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  9. Legacy AI Glossary

    would like a term to be added to the glossary, contact the Doc team via Slack. Term Definition AI Artificial Intelligence. The simulation of human … playing games like Chess or Go. AI Capabilities A general term for the AI features that Agiloft supports. An example of an AI capability is being able
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  10. Limitations of AI

    Although Agiloft AI is powerful, convenient, and designed to work with many common contract types, some functions are limited. There are five main limitations: Handwritten Data The Agiloft AI Core models prefer documents in the format of either .docx or PDF that have been typed out. However, if a written contract
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