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Time Entries Table

This table tracks Time Entry records created by power users. Since users can create Time Entry records from many other tables, Time Entry records can be related to all kinds of records. By default, a time entry can be related to the Support Case, Service Request, Change Request, Project, Incident, Problem, Task, Matter, and Legal Request tables, but it can be integrated into any table where tracking employee time can be useful.

Use Case

Time Entry records are used to track employee labor for reporting, usually for billing or accounting purposes. 

Time Entries can be created:

  • Directly in the Time Entry table.
  • From linked fields in other tables with rule automation to automatically convert the entries into a separate Time Entry record. The automatic conversion from simple fields is available from the Support Case, Service Request, Project, Task, Change Request, Matter, and Legal Request tables. 

It's recommended to create Time Entry records from another table, as default values for selected fields can be included in the record conversion mapping. This ensures greater accuracy and uniformity of data. If the Related To field of a Time Entry record is left blank, a rule updates the field upon saving with the first non-empty field from the following list: Change Request ID, Service Request ID, Project ID, Support Case ID, Task ID, Legal Request ID, or Matter ID. If all of the fields are blank, indicating that there is no related table, the Related To field is set to the value in the Employee Time field.

Admins and members of the Marketing, Project Manager, Legal, and Sales groups can view and edit their own time entries. Marketing, Project Manager, Support Manager, Support Staff, Legal, and Sales groups may view, but not edit, all time entry records. No other groups have access to the table by default.


Time Entry records are owned by the user who creates the record. Specifically, they are owned by the user whose Name matches the Done By field.


There are several reports on the table. The 'My Time in past year' report shows all hours entered in the past 12 months, while 'My Time this Month by table' shows all time entries for the current month.

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