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Supplier Related Companies Table

The Supplier Related Companies table holds records containing company information of companies related to the Supplier added by a supplier lead during the Supplier Profile creation.

Information stored in the Supplier Related Companies records includes:

  • Supplier Company Name
  • Related Company Name
  • Related Company Status (Active, Inactive, Requires Review)
  • Type of Relationship (Parent, Subsidiary, Partner, Other)
  • Notes

Use Case

The Supplier Related Companies table is used to store the related companies (Parent/Subsidiary/Partner) to the Supplier in the Supplier Profile. They are not created in the Companies table because they may be duplicates of existing companies, and the Supplier Manager is not expected to review each of the subsidiary companies or the parent company to check if they are a duplicate record.

Records in this table can be edited only when their latest Supplier Profile is in Draft, Pending Review or Pending Supplier status.

Records in this table are expected to be created via a Supplier Profile record.


Rules in the Supplier Stakeholder table include:

  • Create: All Create Actions: this rule runs after a new Supplier Related Company record is created. It sets the link to the related Supplier Profile.
  • Edit: All Edit Actions: this rule runs when the record is edited.
    • If an active company is modified by a Supplier, update Status to Requires Review
  • Create/Edit: Append Notes to Supplier Profile Internal Notes: this rule runs when the record is created or edited, and there are new Internal Notes. It goes into the Supplier Profile record and copies the latest Internal Notes to the Internal Notes field in that record.


The Supplier Related Companies table has a very simple workflow of three statuses with no executed actions. Records are always created in Requires Review status.


Supplier Related Companies records are owned by the record Creator. The field by which the ownership is determined is user Login.

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