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Status Times Table

The Status Times table is used to track the time a record spends in each stage of the record lifecycle, and is measured through the Status field. This is useful if you need a single dashboard for reports about status times from multiple tables. The Standard System Demo has Status Times enabled for Contracts by default, but Status Time can also be used for Approvals, Service Requests, and Support Cases.

Status Time records are used to store a variety of information:

  • The related table, such as Contracts or Approvals
  • The specific record in the related table
  • The Status value being tracked
  • Dates when the status changed to and from the tracked Status value
  • The amount of time between status start and end dates

Use Case

The Status Times table is accessible to Admin, Contract Manager, and Service Manager groups. The Status Times table is primarily used to track the time a record spends in each status. For example, the following measures exist by default in the system:

  • Average Review Time by Contract ManagerHow long it takes a contract to go from the initial submission to Signed or Active
  • Average Time by Status (Contracts): Average time the contract spends in each status
  • Percent Average Cycle Time by ContractAverage contract cycle time by contract type

New records are created automatically through conversion every time the a tracked record's status changes. Information kept in these records can be used in monthly reports, added to the homepage as charts or numeric widgets, and used for estimations and predictions.


Status Times records are owned by the user who creates them. Specifically, a record is owned by the user whose Login matches the Creator Login field.

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