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Sourcing Event Criteria Table

Sourcing Event Criteria records created from Sourcing Event records serve as the basis for the Response Score records created for the Response Evaluation record.

Use Case

The following sections explain use cases relevant to the Sourcing Event Criteria table.

Creating Sourcing Event Criteria from Sourcing Events

Sourcing Event Criteria records can be created from predefined Qualification Criteria records when selected from within the Sourcing Event record. To do so, visit the Response/Evaluation Setup tab of the Sourcing Event record. From there, you can choose or remove criteria under the Scoring Settings tab. To add records, click Choose Criteria.

Following the selection of the Qualification Criteria records, a Sourcing Event Manager clicks the Add Criteria to create the Sourcing Event Criteria records.

Additional Qualification Criteria may be chosen and added to supplement the generated Sourcing Event Criteria records.

Creating Sourcing Event Criteria Directly in the Sourcing Event Criteria Table

If the Sourcing Event Manager wants to create some criteria that was not previously defined, they can click New in the Action Bar of the related Sourcing Event Criteria table.

Using this method, the Sourcing Event Manager can create custom Sourcing Event Criteria by providing the Criterion; Instructions; Maximum and Benchmark scores; and Sort Order.

Modifying the Sourcing Event Criteria

The main fields in the Sourcing Event Criteria record are Criterion, Instructions, Maximum Score, Benchmark Score and Sort Order. These fields are loosely linked to the Qualification Criteria table. This enables a user to modify values in the Sourcing Event Criteria record without affecting the source Qualification Criteria record. This is useful if the Sourcing Event Manager wants to refine instructions or change the scoring structure. To make edits to these fields, the record may be edited directly or edited using Quick Editing from the related table.


Sourcing Event Criteria is converted into Response Scores from an Action Button in the Supplier Response record.  When a Response Evaluator clicks the Create Response Evaluation button in the Supplier Response record to evaluate the Supplier's response or proposal, the Supplier Response record is converted into a Response Evaluation record.  On creation of the Response Evaluation record, a linked record action will go up to the Supplier Response to the Sourcing Event and then down to the linked Sourcing Event Criteria to set the Latest Response Evaluation ID and convert to the Sourcing Event Criteria into a Response Score record linked to the Response Evaluation and Supplier Response.


Records are owned by their creator and can be created by Admin groups and Sourcing Event Managers. These groups can view their own Sourcing Event Criteria records as well as other Sourcing Event Criteria records. Sourcing Event Requesters should be able to view any Sourcing Event Criteria when they are the Sourcing Event Requester; Approver groups should be able to view all Sourcing Event Criteria records.

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