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Roles allow staff users to change a user's group and team, but restricts the staff user to only Roles they have permission to grant. (e.g. Business Admin cannot grant someone Admin access). Roles are associated with teams and groups, so adding or removing a role will also add or remove the user's group and team. Roles also have a flag, Uses Assigned License, which the Employee table links to and refreshes on a rule after every save. 

Default Roles

Below are the default roles. You can delete or add more roles by going to the Roles Table.

Role NameAssociated GroupAssociated Team Uses Assigned License
Contract ManagerContract ManagerContract Management TeamYes
Change ApproverApproverChange Approver TeamYes
Change ManagerChange ManagerChange Management TeamYes
Backup and Storage Team MemberBase ServiceDeskBackup and Storage TeamYes
Change Advisory Board MemberChange ManagerChange Advisory BoardYes
Clause Library ManagerBusiness AdminClause Library TeamYes
Compliance Team approverApproverCompliance TeamYes
Configuration ManagerConfiguration ManagerConfiguration Management TeamYes
Contract CreatorContract CreatorContract Creator TeamNo
Contract OwnerContract OwnerContract Owner TeamYes
Custom Applications Service Desk TeamBase ServiceDeskCustom Applications TeamYes
Database TeamBase ServiceDeskDatabase TeamYes
Desktop Applications TeamBase ServiceDeskDesktop Applications TeamYes
Document CreatorDocument CreatorDocument Creator TeamNo
Document ManagerDocument ManagerDocument Management TeamYes
Document ReviewerDocument ReviewerDocument Reviewers TeamYes
Facilities TeamBase ServiceDeskFacilities TeamYes
Finance approval teamApproverFinance TeamYes
HR TeamBase ServiceDeskHR TeamYes
Internal Customer for service deskInternal CustomerInternal Customer TeamNo
Internal Signer for contractsInternal CustomerInternal Signer TeamNo
IT Executive Board for change approvalsApproverIT Executive BoardYes
Legal Team ApproverApproverLegal TeamYes
Marketing TeamMarketingMarketing TeamYes
Network Operations TeamBase ServiceDeskNetwork Operations TeamYes
Project ManagerProject ManagerProject Manager TeamYes
Purchasing TeamProcurement GroupPurchasing TeamYes
QA TeamBase ServiceDeskQA TeamYes
Risk Approval team for contractsApproverRisk TeamYes
Sales PersonSalesSales TeamYes
Security TeamBase ServiceDeskSecurity TeamYes
Service ManagerService ManagerService Management TeamYes
System AdministratorBase ServiceDeskSystem Admin TeamYes
Vendor ManagerBase ServiceDeskVendor Management TeamYes
Business AdminBusiness AdminAdmin TeamYes
Base Service Desk group onlyBase ServiceDesk
1st Level SupportBase ServiceDesk1st Level Support TeamYes
2nd Level SupportBase ServiceDesk2nd Level Support TeamYes
adminadminAdmin TeamYes
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