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Matter Management Tables

Basic Matter Management has been added to the standard system.  It is a relatively self-contained module, with minimal connections to Contracts and to other standard objects, such as People, Teams, Roles, Groups, and Time Entries


Matter management is designed for use as a basic repository of matters, with matter files, deadlines, time keeping, and outside resource tracking included.  It does not have complex workflows, approvals, or tasks built out-of-the-box, though such functionality can be added and customized as needed.  

It also includes a Legal Request function for employees to request help from the legal team.  With Legal Requests, employees can ask to have a matter or contract created, ask a question about existing matters or contracts, report an HR or confidential issue, or ask general legal questions. Legal Requests can be completed by the legal team creating a Matter or a Contract, using a button in the request.

There are a few tables specific only to Matter Management: Matters, Matter Files, Matter Deadlines, Matter File Types, and Matter Types. There is also the Time Entries Table, which can be used with other applications.

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