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Key Terms Table

This table is used by the Agiloft Contract Assistant for Word. When users open a contract document in Word, key terms are visible in the Word app pane if the document had been previously annotated, or was created using document templates. Key Terms are generally matched up with fields in Contract records. When Key Terms are extracted from documents, they are added to the relevant Contract records using the logical name and API calls. If there is no record in this table for a particular field in a Contracts record, the app does not allow users to tag the corresponding key term in the contract document.

Your system might refer to key terms or the Key Terms table as "metadata" or the "Metadata Tags" table, but the functionality remains the same.

If you are using AI, simply adding new Key Term records to this table will not cause the model to be able to recognize or extract that key term. This requires custom model training.

The fields in this table are:

  • Display Name: The name of the key term displayed in the Word app
  • Field Name: The field name of the field in Contracts table the key term is mapped to
  • Table Logical Name: The logical table name of the Contracts table the key term is in
  • Field Type: The type of the field
  • Allow Manual Annotation: If this is set to No, this key term will not be available to the user to tag text within the Word app

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