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Items Requested Table

The Items Requested table acts as an intermediary table for the Purchase Request and Item tables.

Use Case

When users request items as part of a Purchase Request, they are creating new Item Requested records. These records represent the Items selected and their quantity for a particular Purchase Request.

Relationship Diagram


These records have no workflow and instead follow the Purchase Request record they are linked to.

Record Creation

From a Purchase Request record (see Purchase Request Use Case), a user creates new Item Requested records for each Item desired in the embedded table view. After selecting the Type of Purchase in the Purchase Request record, clicking New from the Purchase Request linked Items related table presents the user with the new Item Requested form, filtered to items that fall under the selected Purchase Request Type of Purchase.

The Item Requested form has three major sections: Item Requested details, linked Purchase Request Information, and an area to select a matching Asset. The requestor selects an item from the Item Name drop-down box, which is filtered to show only items in the Type of Purchase category chosen in the Purchase Request record.

The Purchase Request Information fields are automatically populated with data from the Purchase Request this Item Requested was created from and represents the link to the Purchase Request.

The Asset section allows the user or fulfilling staffer to select an existing Asset from the Asset table. The Assets available for selection are filtered to only in-stock Assets that match the Type of Item for this Item Requested. The Asset fields link the Item Requested to a physical, tracked asset rather than just the template description (Item), enabling greater control and accurate record keeping.

Clicking the Assign to Requestor button will automatically update the selected asset by linking that Asset's "User" fields to the same Contact linked here as the Requestor That is, the button will assign the Asset selected to the person requesting the item.

Processing of Records

Once created, Item Requested records remain unchanged and stay linked to the Purchase Request. Since the Item Requested records are maintained separately from the Item records they were spawned from, they retain data that might change over time, such as Unit Price. Thus, even when Items change, Purchase Requests will always show Item data as it was at the time of the Purchase Request and reflect an accurate total.


Item Requested records are owned by the Contact record whose Login matches the Creator Login field in the Item Requested. Since Items Requested are not maintained outside of a Purchase Request, the relevant ownership stems from the Purchase Request record.

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