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Functions Table

The Functions table provides an easy way to turn off features that your organization does not want to use. The visibility of specific fields and conditions for specific rules are tied to this table. If done correctly, turning off a Function can help you optimize your record forms by removing unneeded features. For example, Turning off Payments and Contract Budgeting will hide the entire 'Finance' tab in Contracts.

Each Function contains a brief description of what it controls, a list of the important tables it impacts, and notes for activating and deactivating. Some updates will need to be made manually such as turning off a Function that does not hide associated tables.

The functions that have been predefined include the following:

Function NameDescriptionFunction Turned On?
Obligation ManagementThis controls the visibility of the Obligation section within the Contract, which is a place where all Tasks of Type 'Obligation' are displayed, along with options to create ad hoc Obligations and generate default ones.Yes
Supplier ManagementControls the visibility of supplier management fields and the ability to perform a supplier onboarding process, via self-registration, contracts, or sourcing events.Yes
Contract Budgeting

This controls the visibility of the budgeting fields in Contracts.

Note that the ability to include budgeting in Sourcing Events is not controlled by this (or any other) function; it is always available by default.

Sourcing EventsIf turned off, hides field 'Based on a Sourcing Event' in Contract and consequently all Sourcing Event related fields that are visibility-dependent on it.Yes
PaymentsControls the visibility of Payments table in Contracts.Yes
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