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End User Interface

The EUI is a customizable and simplified interface with considerably fewer options than the Power User Interface. In the Standard System Demo, the End User Interface (EUI) is used by suppliers and other external parties. The EUI allows suppliers and other external parties to interact with Agiloft in a way that is specific and relevant to the workflows they are expected to complete. The default EUI is HTML-based and can be modified through the HTML templates provided in the EUI Templates table of the Standard System Demo. For more details, see the EUI Templates Table

When a user enters the EUI, the default setup shows tables and links based on the their group membership. For example, users in the Supplier group see links to the Sourcing Events they've submitted, which can be accessed on the Home tab and the View drop-down menu.

All internal users are automatically directed to the Power User Interface when logging in. Power users, also called Staff users, can be directed to the EUI by using a custom login page or by using the Preferred Interface field with SSOAs an admin user, Setup > End User FAQs is where you can define the FAQ interface for the End User Interface. By default, FAQs are filtered by records that have a Published field value of Yes and are available for the Documents, Support Cases, and Helpdesk Cases tables.

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