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DocuSign Envelopes Table

This table holds the DocuSign Envelopes, which contain a link back to the Contract record from which they were created in the Linked Record field. The table also contains an embedded table of the DocuSign Recipients list and the Attached Documents field which holds the attached files to be reviewed/signed.

By default, a DocuSign Envelope is created when a user clicks the Create DocuSign Envelope in the DocuSign Envelopes tab of a Contract record. The DocuSign Envelopes tab of a Contract is currently visible only to users in the admin and DocuSign Users groups.

How the envelope and recipients are populated depends on the configuration of the action run by the Create DocuSign Envelope button, and it may be changed by updating the action.

The Status of an Envelope is updated automatically based on its progress at DocuSign. Once it has been sent to DocuSign, it will have a Status of Created and will show the Envelope ID at DocuSign. As each Recipient signs, the Status of the Recipient record will be updated to Completed.

More details on working with DocuSign Envelopes are provided in the section "Create a DocuSign Envelope" in the DocuSign Users Manual.


DocuSign Envelope records are owned by the sender of the envelope. Specifically, records are owned by the user whose Login matches the Sender Login field.

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