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Contract Types Table

The Contract Types table is a background table used to populate the Contract Type field of a contract record. Each Contract Type record holds a value displayed as a choice in the Contract Type field. It also determines the default approval workflow for the contract, the default print template for auto-generation of draft contract documents, as well as the risk conditions used for risk analysis.

Use Case

Contract Types can be created and edited by admins and Contract Managers. The Contract Type, Contract Type ID, Has Print Template(s), Default Print Template ID, and Contract Type Default Workflow ID, Extra Fields to Show are pulled into the Contracts table as a link to selected fields from the Contract Type table.

If the Has Print Template(s) field value is Yes, additional fields in the Contract record are visible: Print Template to Generate and Create and Attach (an action button). The Default Print Template ID field is used to determine the default value in the Print Template to Generate field. Selecting a Default Print Template Title in a Contract Type record creates a link to the print template and updates the Available for Contract Types field in the associated Print Template record.

The Default Workflow Title field is used to set the value for the linked field in a Contract that pulls in the Workflow Title from the Workflow table. Selecting a Default Workflow Title in the Contract Type record creates a link to the workflow.

You can view all associated print templates, workflows, and risk conditions on the Print Templates and Workflows tab of a contract type record. From here you can use the related table action bar to Unlink a print template, workflow, or risk condition from the contract type record if necessary.

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