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Contract Tasks Table

The Contract Tasks table holds tasks that are used in Contract records.

Use Case

Contract Tasks are created:

  • From a related table in a Contract record. 
  • Manually, in the Contract Tasks table. 

When a Contract Task is created from a Contract, the Contract Details section of the Contract Task record is populated with data from the Contract record. When a Contract Task record is created from the Contract Task table, a Contract needs to be selected manually. 

The default Status for new Contract Tasks is Planned. On creation, the Assigned Person is notified of the planned task, unless the assignee is the task's creator. If no Assigned Person is chosen, the Assigned Team is notified of the planned task, and is asked to assign someone.

When the Advance Notification Date arrives, the Status changes to Pending. Any open Contract Tasks (those in a Status of Pending or Planned) for a canceled contract will be updated to a Status of Canceled.


In the Standard System Demo, the Contract Tasks table contains three active rules. These rules are accessed by expanding the Contract Tasks table in the left pane, selecting Setup Contract Tasks, and then selecting the Rules tab:

  • TB Demo Data Update: Update date fields by one month each month so reports have data: This rule updates the demo data which exists in a KB like Date due, Date of Last Reminder, Date of next Reminder etc. and deleted the history records created by those fields. It does not impact the new records.
  • Create: All Create Validations (web): This rule runs whenever a new contract is created. It throws validation errors when data added in the field does not match with the acceptance criteria. For example: If a user tries to add a due date less than the current date, it warns the user that the due date is in the past.
  • Create: All Create Actions (web, email, API): This rule sends an email notification to the Assigned Person or Assigned Team about a new task. It also changes the status of a task from Planned to Pending if the Advance Notification Date becomes equal or greater than one minute old.


Contract Tasks records are owned by the user the task is assigned to. Specifically, a record is owned by the user whose ID matches the Assigned Person ID field.

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