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Company Documents Table

This table stores company-specific documents. By default, the types of documents available are insurance certificate, performance bond, performance report, and W-9. This table is used in the Vendor Portal.

Each company document is linked to a vendor and a contact at that company.

By default, the Status of a company document is Uploaded. Other options for Status include Verified and Expired. The file is attached to the Upload File field.

Depending on the Type of Document, additional fields are visible at the bottom of the record.

Insurance Certificate

If the company document record represents an insurance certificate, the individual coverages included in that insurance certificate can be added. Each coverage can have its own Coverage Type, Amount of Coverage, Aggregate Amount, Start Date, and Expiration Date. These records for the individual coverages are stored in the Insurance Certificates table.

Performance Bond

A performance bond can be given an Amount, Start Date, and Expiration Date.

Performance Report

Performance reports can be linked to an individual contract and can be given a Start Date and End Date for the period covered.


W-9s can be linked to a contract.


Create: Notify when new documents are Uploaded

U: Reimport Linked User and Company

Runs when a company document is created by web. Updates the Main Contact ID and Vendor ID by reimporting the source record in case the link was broken by being submitted by a contract manager.

I: Create Actions for Company Documents

Edit: If linked vendor changes and it is for insurance certs, push the name to the insurance certificate

Runs on edit by web or API if Type of Document is Insurance Certificate and the Vendor changed.

L: Update Company ID in linked insurance certificates

TB: Insurance Certificate is expiring in 30 days (disabled)

Runs when any of the insurance certificates linked to the company document expires in 30 days.

E: Email main contact to upload new insurance cert

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