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Clause Types Table

The Clause Types table is used to categorize clauses and their basic purpose under names familiar to the customer.  It will be used in standard clauses to define them and it will be used when extracting clauses from third-party agreements.

Some important fields are:

  • Clause Type: defines the record elsewhere in the system.
  • AI Clause Type: links to a hidden table that's used to identify the clause type to the AI Training models. 
  • Default Risk Rating: used to indicate the clause type's relative importance for risk with a higher number equating to a higher risk value.
  • Description: provides detail on the clause type.

Additionally, the user can define a default Obligation associated with the Clause Type. Setting the 'Add Obligation' field to Yes makes the 'Obligation Title' field visible. The lookup in this field allows the user to pick from a list of Obligation Templates. If the Clause Type is used in a Contract and the user clicks 'Generate Default Obligations', the selected Obligation will be added to the Contract.

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