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Attachment Types Table

The Attachment Types table is a background table that holds a record for each value to be displayed in the Attachment Type field within the Attachment record. It also defines any special fields to be displayed for this attachment type within the Attachment record.

Use Case

Attachment Types can be created and edited by admins and Contract Managers. Each attachment type might be either or both of the following:

  • An option for Type of Document in a company document.
  • An option for Attachment Type in an attachment record.

 The Show in Tables field in the attachment type record controls whether the attachment type is used in attachments and company documents.

The Attachment Type and Fields to Show fields are pulled into the Attachments and Company Documents tables as a link to selected fields from another table. The values in Fields to Show are used  to control visibility of certain fields in the Attachment and Company Document records.

The Sort Order field is used to determine the order of the drop-down list displayed in the Attachment Type field within Attachment records.


Attachment Type records are owned by their creator. Specifically, an attachment type record is owned by the user whose Login matches the Creator Login field.

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