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Alternative Knowledgebase for Service Operations

Agiloft provides two starting points for managing service desk operations: this standard template, and a Pink Elephant-certified ITIL-based template.

There are many similarities between the two systems, and the standard system does follow some of the ITIL best practices. But if you want a fully ITIL compliant system that supports more complex processes and additional features, we do recommend starting from the ITIL template.

Please note that it is important to start with the best template - do seek our advice if you are not sure which is best for your needs!

Here is a brief list of the some of the differences between the two templates:

Standard KB


Service Requests:
Can include task workflows, no approvals
Minimal SLA tracking

Service Requests:
Can include task and approval workflows
Includes purchase request services
Full SLA tracking with SLA targets and escalation
OLA tracking
Includes service cost tracking

Change Requests:
Includes approval and task workflows

Change Requests:
Includes approval and task workflows
Calendar integration for scheduling changes
Includes Change windows and freezes
Includes baseline tracking
Links to Release Management and Knowledge Management
Includes configuration item diagrams to show relationships and impact of changes

Simple structure, independent of service catalogue
No SLA tracking

Included in Service Catalogue
Full SLA targets and tracking
Links to Event Management and Knowledge Management

Basic FAQ and internal document functionality with links from Service Requests, Incidents, and Problems

Knowledge Articles:
Full featured knowledge management, with links throughout the system
Topic subscriptions by employees
Automatic creation of articles from Service Request, Incident, Problem, Change Request, Configuration Item

SLA Management:
Limited to single targets for services
No OLA Management

SLA Management:
Full featured system with multiple SLA groups and Service-specific, CI-specific, and Team-specific SLAs available
Integrated into all process tables
OLA (Operational Level Agreement) Management included at the individual task level to measure performance of internal and external teams

Event Management:
Not included

Event Management:
Included with ability to integrate with any event monitoring system
Can automatically create and resolve incidents and update configuration item status
Fully customizable event types and rules

Release Management:
Not included

Release Management:
Full featured system, with links to configuration items, change requests, and service requests
Task and Approval workflows

Service Catalogue and Portfolio:
Includes basic service catalogue used within service requests, change requests and purchase requests

Service Catalogue and Portfolio:
Includes workflow for service onboarding
Full featured service catalogue(s) with user-friendly, catalogue-based end user interface
Supports multiple service catalogue subsets for different users and roles
Services in the catalogue are used in service requests (purchase requests are folded into service requests), change requests, and incidents

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