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Licenses in the Admin Console

The License section of the admin console is used to request, install, and mange server-wide Agiloft licenses. To request or manage licenses for a specific knowledgebase, see Licensing. To access this section, navigate to KB Management > License

Request a new license

Click Request a New License to open the license request page and fill out the form.

Any Enterprise Production license request must be accompanied by a purchase order faxed to USA 650-745-1209.

If a replacement license is requested, the admin must provide a reason for the replacement.

The  Agiloft system will automatically provide the necessary hostname, IP Address, Operating System, and database information. These fields are manually editable in case a license for a new server with a different IP address and/or hostname is needed. Otherwise, there is no need to change them.

Note: If the IP address displays as rather than the correct IP address, fix the OS configuration so the machine knows its own address before requesting a license. This is usually achieved by entering the machine name in the /etc/hosts file then rebooting.

The KB must be specified when requesting a new license.

Manage licenses

Click Manage Licenses to see all the licenses installed, along with information like the associated KB, number of users, start/end dates, and additional comments.

Choosing a particular knowledgebase pulls up a table of license associated with the selected KB. If no particular KB is indicated, the button brings up all of the currently installed  Agiloft licenses.

Once in the table, clicking New allows the admin to install a license by entering in the license key sent through email from  Agiloft. If more than one license of a give type is installed onto a KB, the system ignores the previously installed licenses.

View Usage

Click View Usage to manage particular license instances. The View Usage tab shows licenses associated with an individual user, while the Manage Licenses tab shows the license associated with a particular KB.

License usage options:
  • Terminate a use
  • Log out a single user
  • Log out all users on the server

The main page provides information on the user, the user’s login, the time since his last activity, and the associated KB. Additionally, each user has three possible statuses, explained below:

License statuses:

Indicates an active license associated with this user login.

InactiveThe user previously had an active license, but this license is now available to other users due to inactivity. The system default for inactivity is 30 days without logging in.
TerminatedIndicates that a user’s license was terminated by the administrator. Terminated licenses becomes available for other users after 24 hours.