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Import Export Knowledgebases

Admin Console users can import and export complete knowledgebases to the server.

Knowledgebase Import and Export

An alternative to the simple import/export of a single table is offered via the Import and Export wizards. These wizards provide all the source location, format options and field mapping as the table import/export but also facilitate the transfer of a complete knowledgebase, or several tables by means of a single file.

In addition to the standard formats provided by table import/export (i.e. tab delimited, csv and Excel spreadsheet), you can also export into  Agiloft's proprietary format. This has the added capability of transferring the table definitions and optionally exporting data, scripts, escalation rules, inbound email definitions and other customizations. All tables in the knowledgebase are transferred when utilizing the  Agiloft format.

The standard transfer formats (.txt, .csv & .xls) may be used to transfer all knowledgebase tables, but can also transfer a selected subset of the tables in the knowledgebase.

Using the knowledgebase import/export, you can transfer entire knowledgebases from one server to another. To make the transfer, export your knowledgebase in  Agiloft format and then import it on the target server.

Only the users with project import/export permissions can export the entire knowledgebase in  Agiloftformat. To give a group import/export permissions for your knowledgebase, navigate to Setup > Access > Manage Groups, edit the relevant group, click the General tab and enable the "Allow importing knowledgebase" or "Allow exporting knowledgebase" options.

You can only import a knowledgebase in SW ( Agiloft) format using the Admin Console. From there, navigate to Setup > Import and enter the name for the new knowledgebase. It is no longer possible to import Agiloft KBs using the Import wizard from within the Power User Interface.

Transfer a Knowledgebase to a Different Server

You can use the knowledgebase export/import wizard to transfer an entire knowledgebase from one server to another. These actions are performed from the power user interface of the knowledgebase.

To export:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Export.
  2. On the Destination tab choose Local hard drive. 
  3. On the Data Format tab select  Agiloft.
  4. Click Finish.

To import:

  1. From the admin console of your server, navigate to Setup > Import.
  2. Enter a name for your knowledgebase.
  3. Click Finish.

Note: Only the users with project import/export permissions can export the entire knowledgebase in Agiloft format. To give a group import/export permissions for your knowledgebase:

  1.  Navigate to Setup > Access > Manage Groups.
  2. Edit the relevant group.
  3. Navigate to the General tab and select the "Allow importing knowledgebase" or "Allow exporting knowledgebase" options.

More Import Export Options

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