Relationship Types

This table stores a record for each type of relationship that can exist between Configuration Items (CIs). Each relationship type record also stores the Main CI Role, which defines each term as a parent or child role, which in turn determines how the diagram showing relationships is structured.

Each relationship type also identifies the reverse relationship type in the Opposite Relationship Type field. This is used to automatically create a relationship of the opposite type between two configuration items to allow diagramming from either item.

The system comes with several built-in relationship types. Admin users may add further types as needed.

Relationship TypeMain CI RoleOpposite Relationship Type
Connected byChildConnects
ConnectsParentConnected by
Contained byChildContains
ContainsParentContained by
Distributed byChildDistributes
DistributesParentDistributed by
Has registeredChildRegistered on
Registered onParentHas registered
ImpactsChildImpacted by
Impacted byParentImpacts
Is Required ByChildRequires
RequiresParentIs Required By
Used ByChildUses
UsesParentUsed By
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