Catalog Items

This table provides a method of standardizing by model the information used within an individual configuration item. It holds records that define details of the CI Type, CI Subtype, Vendor, Manufacturer, specific model numbers, pricing, and so on. Configuration Items that are based on catalog items link in the item on which the CI is based to prepopulate all of that information. 

Use Case

Catalog Items can be created and edited by members of the admin, admin import, and configuration manager groups. It is expected that the Configuration Managers will be responsible for maintaining the catalog information.

Catalog Item sample record.

The list of CI Subtypes is held in a separate CI Subtypes table and is filtered once the CI Type is selected to only the subtypes associated with that type. The Latest Unit Price gives an idea of the latest pricing for the item. Rules could be configured to push the price paid when an item requested record is updated with the current price into this record to keep it updated as purchases are made.

Configuration Items Use of Catalog Items

Catalog Items are pulled into CI's. When setting up a new configuration item, the user selects the CI Type, and then the CI Subtype, and optionally enters the Manufacturer. If the CI Subtype is used with catalog items, then the user chooses a matching Catalog Item Name/Number from the available items. The catalog items are filtered based on a match of CI Type, CI Subtype, and Manufacturer, and once selected, their details are pulled into the CI record. If the catalog item has a preferred vendor, it is auto-populated into the Vendor field in the configuration item, but it can be modified.


There is no automation on the Catalog Items table. It is purely a background table.

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