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The Baselines table is designed to hold configuration details for a particular point in time for a configuration item.  In the Baselines table, all information for a baseline is stored on the Details tab. Each baseline must have a name. A button can be used to run a script that would restore the baseline to the associated CI. More information about the baseline can be entered in the Description field. The Date Baseline Created field is set by default to the date/time the baseline record was created. 

The Configuration Item Details section shows information about the CI associated with the baseline. If the baseline is related to a release, the release can be chosen in the Release Information section. Any files and code can be stored in the Baseline Configuration Information section.

The Baseline table is shown on the Changes / Events tab of a configuration item.  None of the baseline fields are shown if the baseline function is turned off in the ITIL Functions table.

By default, this table is hidden and its function turned off.  See the ITIL Functions section for information on how to enable it.

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