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Working with Email

Emails are an essential part of most implementations. Email can be sent from any record in the system, and they can be received and linked to a record. Most emails are automatically sent by rules, but emails can be manually sent to individuals and even in bulk. Emails that are sent from the system or received with a linked record are also accessible in the record, which makes it easier to keep track of past communications and discussions.

For information about sending and drafting emails, including details about using the features of the email editor, see Sending Emails. This information also applies to creating email templates. Emails and email templates can include lots of information from the system, so make sure you understand all the possible options so you can take advantage of them.

For more information about tracking and reviewing past emails, see Viewing Past Emails.

When you send an email from the system, you can also define the return address to use if the recipient replies to the email. For more information about email recipients, see Sending Emails. For more information about what happens when someone sends a reply to the system email address, see Creating and Updating Records by Email.

Email options depend on your permissions. If the information in an article doesn't match what you see, or if you can't access the option to send email at all, you might not have the necessary permissions.