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Webhook Actions

Use the Webhook action type to manually call a webhook you created in the Integration Hub. Add this action to rules, actions, or action buttons to manually trigger the webhook, and optionally add a history entry to document the event. This makes it easy to run Workato recipes directly from a record.

For example, you might automatically run a Webhook action when a contract's end date changes, to sync the new date to Google Calendar.

Create a Webhook Action

Before you start, find the recipe ID number in the Integration Hub.

  1. Go to Setup > Integration Hub and go to the Recipes tab.
  2. Hover over the recipe you want to use. In the lower left corner, note the URL in the preview. Write down the ID number contained in the URL. You can find the ID in the URL syntax here:[ID]-[RECIPE NAME]
  3. Edit the recipe and set External Processing to Yes.

You can access the Actions wizard in several ways, but the easiest way is to select Setup [Table] from the table where you want to create the action.

  1. From the top nav bar, expand the table's drop-down and select Setup [Table].
  2. Select the Actions tab in the Table wizard.
  3. Click Create Webhook Action.
  4. On the General tab, name your action and give it a description. Make sure the name makes it clear which recipe you are calling.
  5. On the Webhook tab, choose whether to save a history entry when the action runs.
  6. Use the look-up icon to see the available recipes in your KB. Using the ID number you wrote down earlier, locate the recipe in the list and select it.
  7. Confirm that both an ID and Title appear in the wizard.
  8. Click Finish.