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Views determine the way records are displayed in a table. Views make it easy to show different users and teams the information most relevant to them and their workflows.

Views define:

  • Whether the split view preview pane is available
  • Which columns appear, and in what default order
  • Row ordering and colors
  • View and field widths
  • Number of records per page
  • Cell borders, if any
  • Quick Edit fields
  • Which fields are included in Quick Search when a user clicks Search from the table view

Views do not affect the data shown in the tables. This is controlled by searching. Conversely, saved searches can be configured with a specific view so that selecting the search automatically applies that view.

Working with Views

From the table view, click the Views button to access options to create, edit, and manage views; reset any drag-and-drop adjustments you might have made to the columns; and select another view. For details on creating and editing views, refer to View Wizard.

Views drop-down