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Variable Formula Field

The Variable Formula data type lets users create queries in formula syntax that include system variables. It is displayed as an input box and Formula Help button.

 You can create custom formulas or queries in standard syntax, making use of field variables. Click Formula Help to access a list of field variables and build variable chains.

Variable Formula Field Output Types

The output of a variable formulas can be one of three types:

  • A numeric value


    Calculate a simple sum using integer fields in a linked record: 

    ($linked_record_id.integer_2 + $linked_record_id.integer_1)

    If integer_2 is 155 and integer_1 is 100, the result is:

  • Text


    Display a string of text with field values inserted:

    ("I belong to " + $creator_login.teams)

    Result is a text string that inputs the values from the Teams field in the user record linked by the Creator Login field, e.g.:

    "I belong to Support Team,Company Team,Admin Team,Internal Implementation Team"

  • Logical expression

    Example One

    Create a filter based on a linked user record:

    ($linked_record_id.department_main_contact =="John Barrows")

    Result may be 'true' or 'false', depending on the actual value in the Department Main Contact field.

    It outputs "true" when the linked record Department Main Contact is John Barrows, otherwise it returns "false".

    Example Two

    Evaluate fields and display the formula in a human-readable format:

    $integer1 + " > " + $integer2 + " = " + ($integer1 > $integer2)

    Where $integer1 has the value 100 and $integer2 has the value 200.

    The result is the logical expression formula, and in the second half the values are actually compared. The output is:

    100 > 200 = false



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