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Use Your Existing Adobe Sign Account with Agiloft

This topic describes how to set up your own existing Adobe Sign account so that it can be used with an Agiloft knowledgebase. The Adobe Sign Integration process allows you to choose whether to purchase agreements through  Agiloft or Adobe. For more information on pricing and other requirements when purchasing agreements through  Agiloft, see eSigning Integrations

Create an Adobe Sign Application

This setup assumes that you already have an Adobe Sign production account that has been configured with the correct web settings to allow private messaging and user-specified routing order, and has all the users you want to add.

To create the application in Adobe Sign:

  1. Log in to the your Adobe Sign account at
  2. Go to Account > Adobe Sign API > API Applications > plus icon to create a new application. 
  3. Add a name and a display name, and then select a domain. If you plan to use Adobe Sign internally only, select the Customer domain.
  4.  Click Save. The application appears in the list.
  5. Select the application and click Configure OAuth for Application.
    API Application setup window showing OAuth configuration button
  6. In Redirect URI, enter the following address:
  7. Enable all of the options on the screen with Modifier=account, and then click Save. 
  8. Open the Adobe application settings for viewing while you configure the knowledgebase integration, taking note of the Application ID and Client Secret string values. You need these values later in the setup. 

Once you have created the API application, do not change the values later. If you need to make changes, delete the application and create a new one. Editing an existing application often produces errors, and might prevent you from using it at all.

Account Certification

We recommend that you certify your application if you want to have full and unlimited access to the account features. The certification status is visible at the bottom of the View/Edit screen of the application.

If the account is uncertified, you must enable these options:

  1. Select Account > Account Settings > Security Settings.
  2. Ensure that these options are selected: 

Complete Setup in  Agiloft

If you're setting up Adobe Sign integration for the first time, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Setup > Integration, click Configure under Adobe Sign, and then click Register a New Account.
  2. On the Account screen, select Production for Type of Account.
  3. For Adobe Sign Setup, select I already have an Adobe Sign Account.
  4. Select Use Agreements Purchased From Adobe. 
  5. Enter the Application ID and Client Secret values you obtained from the View/Edit screen of your Adobe Sign application.
  6. Enter the remaining account details and click Save.
  7. For the remaining setup steps, see Grant Access to the Account.

Once complete, you can use the agreements you have purchased through your own Adobe Sign account when sending agreements. See Manage Agreements for more information.

Switch Between Adobe and Agiloft for Buying Agreements

If you already have an account configured to buy agreements from  Agiloft, you need to switch to your Adobe account to use agreements purchased directly from Adobe. You can alternate between these accounts by revoking and then re-granting access to the Adobe Sign account. 

  1. In the Adobe Sign wizard, click Revoke Access to Adobe Sign Connect and then confirm the action.
  2. Set up the account again, but in the Use Agreements Purchased From field, select Adobe or  Agiloft, depending on the company from which you want to buy agreements.