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Troubleshooting the Agiloft app for Microsoft Teams

If you are having issues with the  Agiloft app for Microsoft Teams, consider the following solutions.

Logging In

If you receive an error message when you try to sign in to your KB, check that your group has the correct REST permissions. You can check by accessing the REST groups multichoice field by going to the Setup gear icon > System > Manage Web Services > Groups Allowed for REST. You can then check the list to see if your Group is selected. If it is not selected, select it and click Finish.

Channels List in Notification Actions

When creating a Notifications action, you will likely select the Channels option when determining a recipient. If the channels list doesn't include the right channel or team, make sure that Agiloft is connected to the desired channel in Teams.

To connect with Agiloft, you need to:

  1. Start a conversation in the desired channel.
  2. Begin to type @Agiloft and connect. As you type, Teams will prompt you to autofill both of these words. Select their prompts.
  3. Log in to the KB.

The channel should now appear in the list.