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Training Information

We offer a free online training course designed to help familiarize yourself with  Agiloft. The training course combines instruction on key functionality, hands-on practice exercises, and scored quizzes to assist you in learning the system.

Sign Up for the Training Course

To sign up for the training course, first create an account in our Customer Support Portal by clicking the "create your own user account" link.

After creating an account, you receive an email to validate your account information. Once you validate your account information, you can sign up for the training course:

  1. Log in to the Customer Support Portal.
  2. Click My Profile.
  3. Click Sign up for Training. The system sends you an email with further instructions.
  4. Follow the instructions in the email to access the training course:
    • Step 1 of the instructions details how to access the course through ProProfs, our external training platform.
    • Step 2 of the instructions details how to access the two live   Agiloft deployments, or knowledgebases (KB), that are created for you. One knowledgebase is a Training KB, which is used to complete the practice exercises in the training course. The other knowledgebase is a Sample KB, which is a finished, built-out knowledgebase that reflects the system after all the practice exercises have been completed. You can use the Sample KB to check your work and receive hints if you get stuck.

You can always access the training course by logging in to the Customer Support Portal and clicking My Profile. Your training signup record at the bottom of the tab provides buttons to access your Training KB, Sample KB, and the online training course at ProProfs.

Unit Overview

The training course has three units, which are designed to be taken sequentially and tailored to different kinds of users. When you sign up for the training course, you have access to all three units, but you might choose to only take one or two units.

  • Unit 1—The Basics: Focuses on basic functionality in the system and introduces you to topics like records, views, saved searches, charts, reports, users, and the look and feel of the system. This unit is beneficial for all new users, but it's especially relevant for basic power users who will use the system and won't configure it.
    Estimated time to complete: 14 hours and 30 minutes
  • Unit 2—Configuration: Covers advanced functionality and discusses how the core parts of the system are configured, such as tables, fields, actions, rules, workflows, and print templates. This unit is geared toward admin users and other power users who want to configure the system and understand it at a deeper level. If you're not an admin user or won't configure the system, you don't need to take this unit.
    Estimated time to complete: 40 hours
  • Unit 3—Advanced Design and Configuration: Discusses advanced design scenarios and system configuration for an implementation of  AgiloftThis unit is for advanced users,  Agiloft partners who want to become certified administrators, and anyone implementing their own system. For other users, this unit is optional.
    Estimated time to complete: 21 hours

Additional Resources

For more information about the training and additional training resources, visit the Online Training page of our website. If you have further questions, need additional help, or want to see your quiz score report while taking the training, contact

View the Training Course Without Signing Up

If desired, you can view the training course without signing up by using the below links. Because the system does not generate training knowledgebases when you view the training this way, you won't be able to complete the practice exercises.

When you access the training course without signing up, you are still prompted for your name and email in ProProfs. If your email is already on file, you'll be asked if you want to resume the training course. Otherwise, you will simply start the training. 

Unit 1

View Unit 1 of the training.


Unit 2

View Unit 2 of the training.

Unit 3

View Unit 3 of the training.

If you view the training without signing up and you later set up a training account through our website, you must email Once you view the training without signing up, the system cannot automatically enroll you in the training course, so you must be manually enrolled.

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