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Training Information

Agiloft University is the home for all training and learning courses related to our Agiloft product. Here, you can access courses on topics from Searching to Security and more, including our Agiloft Administrator Training. You can also register by clicking the sign-up link on the same page.

Create a University Account

The first time you visit, you need to start by signing up.

  1. Go to Agiloft University and click "Sign Up" under the login area.
    Login page with cursor over Sign up link

  2. Enter your first name, last name, your business email address, and a strong password. Make sure to use a working email address so you can receive the account verification email, and use a business address rather than a personal one so that the domain can be authenticated.

  3. Click Register.

  4. Take a break to do other tasks. Our automation can take up to an hour to send the successful registration message. After an hour has passed, if you haven't received the verification email and it isn't in your Spam or Junk email folders either, reach out to for assistance. 

    Do not use the password reset function before you have verified your account. Resetting your password does not verify your account. You must click the link in the email. 

  5. When you receive the verification email, click the link to activate your University account.

  6. Clicking the link automatically verifies your account and logs you in. You have successfully signed up!

Sign Up for Agiloft Administrator Training

Once you register an account, you can sign up for training courses.

  1. Log in to Agiloft University and click Learning Paths in the top toolbar.
    Top toolbar
  2. Select the level of expertise you'd like to reach. You can click between paths to preview the topics included in each one.
    • The Business Admin path teaches you the basics. This training will help you become confident and efficient in  Agiloft.
    • The Workflow Admin path goes beyond the basics and teaches you more about configuration and customization. Make sure to take the Business Admin course first.
    • The Design Admin path covers advanced topics and will help you feel confident designing an entire  Agiloft system. You should be comfortable with the content in the first two learning paths before beginning this one.
  3. When you select a path, the courses for that path are listed on the right. Click Get Course to start the course you want to take. If you select a paid course, the system will prompt you for payment details. 
    Business Admin path showing courses
  4. Once the course has been assigned to you, click Start to get started! 
    Business Admin path with assigned and in progress courses
  5. On the main page of the University, you can track your progress and continue training. Once you've completed all the necessary courses for a certification, it appears in the My Certifications list on the right, and you can click Download to save your official certificate!
    Example main page with completed courses and a certification

Ask for Help

If you encounter any trouble signing up for training or completing the courses, click Support in the top right for assistance. You can also use Support to submit feedback on the training you've taken.