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Table Permissions Wizard

The Table Permissions wizard, which can be opened from the Tables tab of the Group Permissions wizard by editing a table from the list, enables you to configure the permissions for each table in a knowledgebase per group. For more information on setting up group table permissions, see: Set Group Table Permissions

Table permissions are saved individually, independent of changes made in the overall wizard.

General Tab

The General tab specifies high level security, such as whether members of the group can access the Setup wizards and whether the table will be displayed on the group's toolbar.

Group Access and Toolbar Tab permissions are not the same. Creating a record via a Custom Hotlink, viewing a table's Reports, or selecting information from a Linked Field require access to a table. However, if you do not want to give users permissions outside of these specific scenarios, you can effectively limit their access by removing the table's tab from their toolbar by selecting "No" from the "Show" options. If the table has subtables, there will be an option to choose whether to apply the changes to the subtables. 

Menu Permissions Tab

The Menu Permissions tab specifies group permissions for menu items like views and saved searches.

For more information, see: Set Menu Permissions

Record Permissions Tab

The Record Permissions tab specifies the group record permissions for the table. These include creating, deleting, editing, viewing, mass editing, quick editing and viewing FAQs for the records. For more information, see: Set Record Permissions.

Security is built into the core of the Agiloft system and enforced consistently. If a user does not have access to a table, they cannot see entries from that table.  If a field from the table appears as a drop down list in another table (for example the Assigned To field), the user will not be able to choose any values for that field until they have view access to the table. This is an example where you might want to give a group access to a table, but not show the table on the main toolbar.

The options selected here are displayed in the bottom row of the Record Permissions column in the Tables tab of the Group Permissions wizard. The permissions are grouped into one line each and are comma separated. For instance, View Own: All means that the All checkbox was selected. View Own: SS means that the Saved Search checkbox was selected.

If the permission has not been selected, it will not appear in the list. This allows you to scan the table view to see what permissions have been granted without having to read through all the permissions.

Field Permissions Tab

The Field Permissions tab allows you to set the group permissions for each field in a table. This enables you to set a very granular level of permission for the table for each group. For more information, see: Set Field Permissions.