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System Time Settings

Time values displayed throughout Agiloft are based on the knowledgebase time zone, as opposed to a user's local time or server time zone, unless configured otherwise for certain instances. The knowledgebase time zone is controlled in the system Setup menu at Setup > System > Set Knowledgebase Time.

To configure the time zone for the current knowledgebase, select a time zone from the list of available time zones, or set the time difference manually. If you set the time difference manually, the knowledgebase time zone is set to the server time zone plus the difference you specify. After making your selections. click Refresh to update the current knowledgebase time zone.

KnowledgeBase Time Zone setting

Server Time Zone is the time zone set on the physical server that hosts your installation of Agiloft. To change this time zone, you need to configure time zone settings using the server's OS-specific time tools.