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Survey Definition Table and Field

Once the questions table has been defined and some questions created, you are ready to combine them into question sets, which will be based on a Survey Definition field.

Typically it will make sense to store the question set definitions in another table called Survey Types or Question Sets or whatever makes sense for your usage.  This table will include a record for each Survey Definition or Question Set that defines how the questions behave for that set. 

The table should generally include one or more fields that can be matched against one or more fields in the table where you want the questions to appear, to auto-display the correct question set.

For instance, suppose you have named this table Question Sets and you want to ask a different set of questions in a support table depending on which product a user selects.  You would have a field in the Question Sets table linked to your products. It may support one or more values, so a particular question set could be linked to multiple products.  When a user creates a support case, they will select a product, and the Survey Presentation field in the support case table will be defined to match the product they select to this multivalue linked product field in the Question Set table to pull in the right survey definition value and therefore the correct question set record. 

Or suppose you are using this to present a variety of surveys to customers.  You would create a Survey Type table with a record for each survey/set of questions.  You might have a choice field for survey type in this table as well.

To present a customer with a particular survey, you could simply give them a hyperlink – in an email or online – to click that sets the Survey type field to the desired value, thus pulling in the matching set of questions.

Setup of Survey Definitions Field

First create the table that will hold the survey definition records.  Then create any fields you want to use to identify the survey or question set in another table and that can be used to pull in the right set of questions.

Then create a new field using the Survey Definition data type.  On the General tab of the field wizard, choose the table where the Question Description field can be found and the specific Question Description field that the questions will be drawn from.  The only options presented will be fields of the Question Description type. The other tabs have the standard field options.

Creating a Survey Definition Record

When creating a record in a table with this data type, the user sees a button 'Edit Survey' where this field is placed.

Clicking the button brings up the survey wizard.  There is only one tab; it resembles the Available Actions / Selected Actions in rules and workflow.  All questions defined by the table and field selected in the field wizard will be listed under Available Questions.

 The options for Change Require and Change Visible between the sections.  This is where requirement and conditional visibility are defined for any of the questions in the Used Question section.

Note that Conditional Requirements or Visibility can only be based on other used questions with a type of Choice or Multi-choice.

Once you have defined your question sets, you can see the questions listed above the Edit Survey button:

When the survey questions are presented to a user, the questions will be displayed in a single column from top to bottom in the order shown here.  It is not possible to arrange the questions in multiple columns on the layout.  However, it is possible to use two question sets and put each one in a separate column to give a two column display.  Here is the result of the setup shown above: