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Search FAQ Setup

Access the FAQ setup page by navigating to Setup > End User FAQs.

This page shows what custom FAQ groups are already defined. A custom FAQ group may have saved searches, specific sorting methods, subtopics, and field mechanisms.

  • Edit an existing FAQ table by clicking the Edit icon
  • Create a New FAQ table by clicking "New" in the toolbar

Tables Tab

You can define one FAQ collection for each different top level table, and select which collections are assigned to each group. Top level FAQ collections may include subtables, but subtables can not stand alone as a separate FAQ table.

Which records are considered FAQs is defined by a saved search. By default in the support tables there is a field called Published that is changed to Yes to create an FAQ and these records are found by the Published search

Display Tab

You can configure the FAQ page to display up to four topic selection drop-downs so users can easily narrow their search to certain subjects before entering keywords. You may select from all choice fields in the current table, and they will be displayed in the order selected.

Search results are initially displayed using the summary view selected here. Users can view record details by clicking on a field in the summary view. Select an existing summary view from the list or create a new one by clicking New.

Select which fields are displayed when the user opens an FAQ entry. FAQ pages will show all of the selected fields to all viewers, overriding the viewer's group permissions.

Select the default search. This is executed when the Search FAQ tab is first displayed. You may want to display the most recently published FAQs, the highest rated, or the most often accesed using this search. The default search is applied as a filter over any other FAQ filters defined for the user.

For instance, if a user has access only to FAQs related to Table A and B, and the default search shows the Most Recent, the Search FAQs tab will initially display the most recently published FAQs for Tables A and B, but will not display recently published FAQs for any other tables.

Select the default sorting method to use when displaying FAQs. Most Useful shows those with the highest user ratings, Best Match shows those with the best text match to the user's search criteria, Newest will sorts by Publication Date, and Most Viewed sorts by the number of hits.

Select the field that should be used for sorting the FAQ's in the 'Newest' order.

Create and save a search to define how long newly-published FAQs are marked with the "New" icon. You may wish to adjust this search later depending on how frequently new FAQs are published.

Access Tab

Permissions determine which FAQs a user can access: If a user is given access to View all FAQs, they will see all records found by the search that defines FAQs. If they are given access to FAQs but filtered to some other search, they will only see those records that meet the criteria from both searches.

Once a user can access an FAQ, field permissions are not applied. Admin-defined FAQ field permissions override individual group field permissions in the FAQ view.

Select whether a rating scale is displayed in the FAQ view, to help estimate how useful the FAQ information is. The rating mechanism is used for the Most Useful sorting, which puts the highest rated FAQs at the top. You can configure the scale, steps and the wording of each step.

Layout Tab

To select the fields displayed when the user views FAQ, navigate to Setup > End-User Interface > Setup FAQ > Layout.