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SOAP and REST API Web Services

Agiloft offers a SOAP and RESTful API which can be used to perform common system tasks on records.

SOAP services are enabled in the Setup menu, whereas REST services are enabled by default. REST services are only restricted by group permissions and license types.

Swagger API documentation is available in your KB by default, and includes entries for all tables and fields, even ones unique to your system. For more information, visit either the Swagger API website or the REST Interface wiki page.


You need an Advanced or Premium edition of Agiloft to use API.

Bulk Synchronization Alternatives

The SOAP/REST interface is most suited for online integration between systems or testing purposes. It is not recommended for processes that involve bulk synchronization. Instead, consult these methods:

Sample API Code

To generate sample Web Services code:

Java or .NET

To generate sample Web Services code in Java or .NET:

  1. Navigate to Setup [Table].
  2. Click the API tab.
  3. Click either Download Java Sample or Download .NET Sample. The sample file contains a set of table-specific code samples for each of the API functions. 
    Download Java Sample and Download .NET Sample buttons


You can generate HTML code samples as well. You can use this sample to embed a form with a Submit button, allowing the selected user to create a record in a given table.

  1. Navigate to Setup [Table]
  2. Click the API tab.
  3. Select the name to use for the record creator.
  4. Choose which layout you'd like the HTML code sample to use.
  5. Click Download HTML.
    Download HTML and options