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Reviewing your Configuration File

Please review the configuration file named EnterpriseWizardConfig.xml that was created by installer on your host.

  • Under Microsoft Windows operating system the file is in your SystemDrive root directory e.g. C:\EnterpriseWizardConfig.xml
  • Under Linux and UNIX operating systems the file is in /etc directory i.e. /etc/EnterpriseWizardConfig.xml
  • The file is an XML document, the database related information is stored under "ewDatabase" XML tag.

Identifying your database

The examples in this section use a MySQL database instance installed together with the standard Agiloft installation as an embedded database, but the same format is used with other databases.

For example, you will find following two values are specified in the Agiloft configuration file mentioned above:


Identifying the password for the administrative MySQL user on Agiloft host

In the configuration file mentioned above find the tag that lists the administrator level user and password for the embedded MySQL database.

This user is created during install and the password is generated during install and changed on update. By default the administrative level user is "root".


For more information, read how to Encrypt and Decrypt the Database Password.

Note MySQL home directory

In the configuration file mentioned above, find the tag that lists the home directory for the embedded MySQL database server.

By default this is set to /usr/local/Agiloft/mysql on Linux.