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Report Actions

Report Actions run reports directly from records, using the information from the record as a run-time input. 


For example, you could add a Report Action to an action button in the Service Requests table that runs a report on the service request's associated tasks. When a user clicks Run Report, the service request is passed in automatically and the user doesn't see the run-time input at all.

Create a Report Action

You can find the Actions wizard with several different navigation paths, but the easiest is to start by selecting the setup menu for the table where you wish to create your action.

  1. Select the Actions tab.
  2. Click Create Report Action.
  3. Give your action a name and description.
  4. Select the type of report, either table-specific or combined.
  5. Either select an existing report from the drop-down list or create a new one. You can also use the Edit button to make changes to an existing report once you select it.

    It's best to use reports with run-time filters when your report action will be used in an Action Button. This way, when a user clicks the Action Button from a record, that record is automatically passed in to the run-time filters behind the scenes, and the user sees a report tailored to the context of the record.

  6. Choose how you want the output to appear. You can show the report in a new window or browser tab, or you can attach the report as a file to another field.
  7. Choose which permissions you want to use. You can use the permissions of the user clicking the button, or select a user from the drop-down menu and always apply that user's permissions.
    Tip: If you're using the report action in a rule, it's best to select a user whose permissions will be used each time.
  8. Click Finish.