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Question Table and Description Field

The first step in setting up Surveys and Questionnaires is to set up a table to hold all of the questions that will be defined. This new table will include the new "Question Description" field. You may also want to add a field for Question Name or some other identifying fields to help you find questions that are related to specific concepts. You may also want to have a field that describes the type of answer or the usage of the question, since the details of the question cannot be seen from the table view – in the table view you see the question itself, but not its potential answers. But such fields are not absolutely necessary. Below is an example of a table view of a Survey Questions table in which a "Name" field is defined to summarize the point of the question.

There are no special options in the field wizard for this data type. It should be given a name like Question and assign the permissions for the field to those groups who should be able to create/edit questions, and then give those same people the right to create and edit records in the Questions table.

Creating a Question Record

Each question will be defined in a separate record in this table.The question description field will appear as an "Edit Question" button where this field is placed:
Clicking the 'Edit Question' button brings up the question wizard. This dialogue is similar to a field wizard, in that it allows the user to select the data type of the answer, the choices for the answer, and so on.

General Tab

On the General tab there are options for Question Text, Answer Type, and Name.

Question Text

The question text is the text that will actually be displayed when a user is presented with the survey.

Answer Type

The answer type allows you to select the type of answer from any of the standard data types: Choice, Currency, Date, Date/Time, Email, Floating Point, Integer, Multi-choice, Percentage, Short Text, Telephone/Fax, Text, and Time.

An answer type of Choice or Multi-Choice allows you to select/edit an existing choice list or create a new choice list.

The standard choice lists are not available for Question Description choice and multi-choice answer types. You are only allowed to use those lists that have been created through the Question Description wizard. Like standard choice fields, once a choice list has been created for a question it can be used in other questions. Once a question has been saved the answer type cannot be changed.

Any user given permission to create and edit questions will have the ability to create and edit the choice lists for any questions. These should be trusted users, though they do not need to be administrators.


The Name field is optional, but is necessary if you want to be able to reference/search/report on the values in this question's answers as a separate field wherever the surveys are presented. Once a question has been named, that name cannot be changed. If the Name is left blank initially, it can still be filled in later.

It is only advisable to name a question if you will want to display its answer in a table view, search on its answer, or include its value in a report.The named questions create virtual fields that will appear on search drop-downs and elsewhere, which can be confusing if you do not actually plan to use them.


The Label is not optional, and allows you to create naturalistic views and reports with questionnaires. Labels permit spaces and do not join the prefix characters together, which creates a better appearance in presentations. 

Options Tab

Depending on the answer type selected, different options will be displayed on the Options tab, similar to the options in a normal field wizard. Below are the options for a Choice Answer Type.

The ability to make a question required or visibility conditional is not handled within the Question Description wizard - it is defined when creating a Survey Definition.

Display Tab

The Display tab has the standard options depending on the Answer Type. Individual questions may have input instructions, popup instructions and so on.

Once a question record has been created, it is possible to edit the question or view its options by clicking the Edit Question button again.