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The following operators can be used throughout the system in Formulas.







not equals


greater or equal to


less than or equal to


greater than


less than



does not contain

Variable Formula fields use a slightly modified syntax and list of operators. For more information, see Variable Formula Fields.

Logical Operators

You can combine formula criteria using logical operators such as AND and OR. These are:

||Or($priority == High || $priority == Low)
&&And($contract_amount >= 50000 && $approval_required == 'Yes')


Order of Operations

Formula expressions are evaluated from left to right. Use parentheses to group terms and define the order of execution. For example, A && (B || C) will evaluate to true if A is true, and also B or C is true. In contrast, A && B || C will evaluate true if A and B are true, OR if C is true.

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