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Notification Icons

You can visually represent the values of certain fields in a record by creating notification icons that correspond to the value(s) in a choice field. Whenever a record contains the specified value in the field, the icon will be displayed in the table view for that record. To set up notification icons, navigate to Views > Edit to open the View wizard, click the Order/Colors tab, and then click Define Notification Icons.

On the Fields tab, select one or more choice fields from the list. Then, on the Icons tab, select the icons to associate with the values in each field you selected and define the alt text. You can associate an icon with one value, several of the values, or all the values. The system comes with many icons to choose from, but you may also upload your own icons.

Define notification icons

For example, you can show color icons to indicate different statuses.

Example notification icons

Note: For the icon to appear, you must select Show Icon Column on the Fields tab of the View wizard.