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Mobile Interface

The mobile interface provides access to Agiloft knowledgebases from smart devices such as iPhone, Android, or other tablets. It is designed to give users quick access to their data and contains a subset of the features included in the Power User Interface.  

Example mobile interface
Log into Agiloft from any smart device to access the mobile interface.

The Mobile interface menus are:

  • Home – the Home screen displays Favorites above the other menu items
  • Last Opened Records
  • Recent Searches
  • My Assigned
  • Tables – on the Home screen, your three most recent tables are displayed
  • Communications

The following features are supported in the mobile interface:

  • Saved favorites including tables, searches, and reports
  • Access to tables and records
  • Simple and ad-hoc searches from table views
  • Create, edit, and view records

Note that some tables and fields might look or work differently on mobile interfaces. HTML field editing and sending emails are not available in the ADA/Mobile interfaces.

Mobile Interface Access and Setup

  • To configure the mobile interface only for yourself, select User Menu > Preferences > Mobile/ADA Interface.
  • To configure the mobile interface for a team, select Setup > Look and Feel > Mobile/ADA Interface

The mobile/ADA interface wizards contain the same options at both levels, but the Preferences interface doesn't include the General tab or the Apply tab, which are used only for team interface management. Any customization in Preferences > Mobile/ADA Interface overrides the admin team settings. See the Apply tab below for more details.  

The wizard contains the following tabs:


In the General tab, add a Label, a Name, and a Description for the general preferences configuration.


The following settings are controlled on the Preferences tab of the Mobile/ADA Interface screen:

  • Number of recent searches: Set the maximum number of searches to show in the Recent Searches screen.
  • Number of saved searches: Set the maximum number of saved searches to show in the Search screen.
  • Record text length: Set the maximum amount of text to show in Record without paging.
  • Maximum input box width: Set the maximum width for field inputs when editing records.
  • Show empty fields: Choose whether to display fields with no selected value while in record view mode.

In addition to the above, the following mobile interface settings are inherited from other preferences:

  • How many records are displayed in the Last Opened section; this setting is on the Left Pane tab.
  • Whether records open in a new window or the same window; this setting is on the Preferences tab.

To configure favorites…

The Favorites section defines tables, saved searches, and charts that are shown in the Home screen of the mobile interface.

  1. Navigate to User Menu > Preferences > ADA/Mobile Interface. A list of all available searches, tables, and reports is displayed.
  2. To add a new favorite, highlight an item then press the > icon to move it to the Favorites pane.
  3. Or, to remove a favorite, highlight it and press the < icon to move it back to the available list.
  4. You can set the order of your Favorite items by selecting one and using the Move Up and Move Down buttons.
  5. Press Finish to save your new preferences.


Select the teams to which the current wizard settings should be applied.

The option "Notify existing users about change to their default preferences" sets up a notification to any users who already have a customized wizard, which would be disrupted by the changes in the current layout, with an optional message. When the user logs back into their KB, their User Menu > Preferences menu shows a notice that their preferences have changed. When they access their preferences, the administrator's message appears, and they can choose whether to accept or reject the admin's changes. 

Access the Mobile Interface

Mobile devices are automatically detected and users will be directed to the mobile interface by default.  You can also hard-code access to the mobile interface from desktop devices by adding the string &gui=lowres to the end of a standard login hyperlink. For example:

If you wish to use the desktop interface on a mobile device, you can add the parameter &$notmobile=true to the login hyperlink as shown in the following example. This will log you into the desktop interface regardless of the device.$notmobile=true

Add a Bookmark or Shortcut on Your Mobile Device

For fast access to your  Agiloft KB, create a bookmark or a shortcut on your mobile device. Smartphone shortcuts typically create an icon on the desktop so you can quickly launch a website.

Create an iOS Bookmark or Shortcut

Follow these steps for iOS devices such as Apple iPad or iPhone, or refer to Apple's documentation here.

  1. Open Safari and navigate to your  Agiloft KB login page. For instance,
    Admin login page
  2. Click the Share button. Here, you can bookmark the page to easily open it in Safari, or add it to your home screen as an app icon.
    • To add a bookmark, click Add Bookmark and enter a name. The new bookmark can be accessed from the Bookmarks list.
    • To add a shortcut directly to the Home Screen, click Add to Home Screen and enter a name, then click Add. 

Create an Android Bookmark or Shortcut

You will need an Android phone or tablet to follow these steps. Note that the specific interface might differ depending on your device. 

  1. Open the Chrome browser and navigate to your Agiloft KB login page.
  2. Click the More menu button. Here, you can bookmark the page to easily open it in Chrome, or add it to your home screen as an app icon.
    • To add a bookmark, click Bookmarks and create a new bookmark. 
    • To add a shortcut, click Add to Home screen and enter a name. When you finish creating the shortcut, it appears on the home screen.