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Link to Single Field from Another Table

This data type is used to add a single field to a table that pulls its values from a single field in another table.

For example, you might add a multi-choice field called Submitted By into the Case table and link it to the Name field in the Contact table. The Submitted By field in the Case table will take values from the Name field in the Contact table. The relationship between the two tables is shown in the figure below.

The input box for the linked field is determined by the display option you select when setting up the field, accessed by clicking Setup > Tables > selecting the Table to edit > clicking Fields > New > Link to Single Field from Another Table > Display. The input box is also determined by the data type of the field in the source table. For example, a Linked Field of type Date/Time displayed in a Box with Pop-up will have Date Input, Time Input and a Magnifying glass. Click the Magnifying Glass icon to invoke the Search Pop-up.

The same Linked Field displayed as a List of Values will have a drop-down list on the Record form.


  • The field type Link to Selected Fields from Another Table is usually preferable to Link to Single Field from Another Table because it allows greater flexibility when editing later. Unlike Link to a Single Field, Link to Selected Fields can be expanded to multiple fields as needed. Use Link to a Single Field only when you are sure that you will not need other fields later.
  • The main use for this data type is when you want to pull in one field from multiple records in the other table, displayed as a multi-select lookup or as checkboxes. For example, in a Contracts table you might have a field called Internal CCs that links to the Full Name field in a People table. The Internal CCs field would then let you select one or more employees who should be emailed about updates.

  • The Search Pop-up allows you to quickly select one or several values from the source field and populate them into the linked field input. Depending on the configuration of a linked field, the user may be able to manually enter the value into the linked field input, without using the Search Pop-up

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