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Left Pane Setup

The Left Pane Setup wizard, located at Setup > Look and Feel > Left Pane Setup, offers the ability to customize the left pane on a team-wide basis. Changes made here will appear for all selected teams, unless a user has customized their own left pane in their Preferences menu. Any number of left pane configurations can be created and applied to teams. The wizard consists of the following tabs: 


In the General tab, add a Label, a Name, and a Description for the left pane configuration.


Displays the content types in the left pane, such as Home, Setup, Communications, and Tables. Click items and drag them to reorder, and select or deselect the checkboxes to add and remove them from the left pane altogether.

Several of the items will display some additional options when selected. For instance, the Home screen will show the following:

The following sections have additional options when selected:

  • Home - select whether to display Dashboards, Summary/Combined reports, My Profile, and Preference.
  • Communications - select what should display when the Communication tab is clicked.
  • My Assigned - show number of assigned records next to each search.
  • Last Opened - maximum number of records to display, and whether to open Last Opened records in edit mode.


Select the tables and display order of the Tables section in the left pane. This list shows all tables in the KB, regardless of additional group settings for the individual users. Therefore, a user is likely to have the option "Show table on the Toolbar?" set to No in the Table Permissions section of their Group Permissions wizard for a number of tables, which will cause those tables to be hidden even though they are visible on the right side of their Tables left pane setup. 

Drag tables to reorder them in the list, and select Add or Remove to move them from the left side list of non-visible tables to the right side list of displayed tables. 

Table Wizard Left Pane Tab

The Table wizard also contains a Left Pane tab which allows you to choose whether to add or remove the table from specified left panes.

Add a Left Pane Grouping

Table groupings can now be added to the left pane.

  1. Click New Grouping and add a name, then click Finish.
  2.  Drag tables into the new grouping header to combine the groupings. 
  3. The same table can be added to multiple groupings, so you can design the groupings to match whatever system requirements you have. 
  4. Separators can also be added to demarcate between tables and groupings. 

Remove a Left Pane Grouping

  1. To remove a grouping, select it and click Remove. 
  2. A dialog will open asking you to confirm, and noting that the tables will also be removed and must be selected from the left side and added back into the left pane. 
  3. You can easily identify the tables that were removed because they use a different text style to the other tables. 


The Apply tab contains the following options: 

  • "Apply changes to me now" ensures that when the new left pane setup is applied, they also apply to the current user. If this is deselected, the changes will apply to the teams but will not override the current user's personalized left pane.
  • Select the teams and subteams to which the current wizard settings should be applied. 
  • "Notify existing users about change to their default preferences" sets up a notification to any users who already have a customized wizard which would be disrupted by the changes in the current layout, with an optional message. When the user logs back into their KB, their Home > Preferences menu will display a notice that their preferences have changed. When they access their preferences, the administrator's message will be displayed to them, and they can choose whether to accept or reject the admin's changes.


The following video demonstrates how to customize your left pane:

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