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Integration Hub

The Agiloft Integration Hub makes it easy to connect your KB to over 200 enterprise integrations using Workato, an integration-enablement platform. The Integration Hub offers a library of pre-built recipes for popular apps, which saves you time and makes the process simpler, quicker, and more intuitive. You can also create your own recipes from scratch on the Recipes tab.

After you've set up some integrations in the Hub, you can quickly check on their status on the Dashboard tab.


The Integration Hub is an add-on that requires additional licensing. Contact your Agiloft Account Executive for licensing assistance.

Initial Setup

There are a few features in your system you need to enable before you open the Integration Hub.

  1. Go to Setup > Integration.
  2. Locate OAuth2 Client Setup. If you see Deploy, click it and then click OK. Wait until the deployment is complete. If you see Configure, move on.
  3. Locate Webhooks. If you see Deploy, click it and then click OK. Wait until the deployment is complete. If you see Configure, move on.
  4. Now, go to Setup > Integration Hub. Wait a few seconds while the system automatically creates the default folder structure, imports the  Agiloft connector, and connects to your OAuth 2.0 client.
  5. In the Hub, go to the App Connections tab. Click the Agiloft OAuth 2.0 Connection that appears in the list.
  6. The fields are all completed automatically, since you deployed OAuth 2.0 before opening the Hub. Scroll to the bottom and click Connect.
  7. Log in using admin credentials for your KB.

Using the Integration Hub

When you've purchased the add-on, you can access it at Setup > Integration Hub. It automatically opens to the Dashboard tab, where you can monitor the integrations you've configured in the Hub.

Integrating with Recipes

Start on the Recipes tab and expand the folders in the sidebar to access Home > Templates. The Templates folder contains some common use cases for the  Agiloft connector, and they make setup as easy as possible for you.

For additional recipes, go to the Library tab to browse pre-built recipes for more apps that are popular with Agiloft systems.

To create custom recipes, go to the Recipes tab, click Create new recipe, and use the builder to design the integration you have in mind.

Integrating with API

The Agiloft Integration Hub also supports direct integration via API. For detailed guidance on working in the hub, see the Getting Started documentation by Workato. For information about the API Platform tab, visit API Management.

Using Integrations

After you've built a recipe in the Integration Hub, you can use Webhook Actions to add automation. For example, you might automatically run a Webhook action when a contract's end date changes, to sync the new date to Google Calendar.