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Identify the Database Listening Port

In the configuration file mentioned above find the tag that lists the port for the embedded MySQL database server. By default the MySQL database instance installed together with Agiloft is listening for connections on port 3333.


Verify External Connectivity to the Port

To be able to connect to Agiloft database from an external program the port has to be reachable. One of the ways to verify this is to attempt connecting via telnet:

 telnet {your_ew_host} {port}

You can use Ctrl+] and Q to close the session.

 host:~ youruser$ telnet 3333
host:~ youruser$
host:~ youruser$ telnet 3333
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
telnet> q
Connection closed.
host:~ youruser$     

If the access to this port is denied by a firewall there will be no response. Press Ctrl+C to stop telnet.