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Google Drive Integration

This page describes how to enable, use, and disable Google Drive attachments in file fields. You can attach documents stored in Google Docs by creating new documents, attaching a document from your Company's Drive folder, or upload and convert a file from your desktop to Google Drive. Typically, your organization will use a shared Google account. 


  • A company Google Drive account with support for Docs.
  • Document permissions properly set up in Google Docs.
  • Agiloft must be configured to connect to Google Apps by navigating to Setup > Access > Configure OAuth2.0 Profiles and entering Google Apps as the Provider Name and Google_APPS as the OAuth Provider role, as well as the other details. 
  • The Google Drive API must be enabled. 
  • Popups should be unblocked in your browser settings. 
  • The person who will open and view the documents linked in the file field, either in Agiloft or from an external link, must have permission in Google to interact with the file.

Enabling Google Drive in File Fields

  1. Open the file field wizard by navigating to [Setup Table] > Fields > [Edit the field].
  2. Navigate to the Options tab.
  3. Select Yes under Allow Google Documents.
  4. Press Finish to save.

Managing Google Documents

To attach a document stored in Google drive:

  1. Open the record where you want to attach a document, then locate the file field.
  2. Click Attach/Manage.
  3. In the Attachments window, choose one of the options in the External Source Google section:
    1. New Document/Spreadsheet/Presentation - enter a document name and click Create.
      1. Authenticate your Google login details. 
      2. Grant the necessary access rights to the system.
      3. In the document window that opens, create the new document. The document will be saved as you work. 
    2. Attach existing Doc/S/P - the Attachments window opens, and the docs list will be populated with all of the existing documents in your drive. This may take some time if you have a large drive folder. 
      1. You can search for documents by entering the name and clicking Search.
      2. Or select a document in the list.
      3. Or enter the URL of a document in your drive and click Find, then select the result. 

      4. You can also create new documents in this screen by selecting a document type under the Create New section and following the same steps as above. Then enter the new document's URL into the existing URL field and click Find. The new document will appear in the file list for selection. 
      5. Select the relevant document and click Attach.
    3. Upload Local File - click Choose File to select an Office or Google Docs file from your desktop.
      1. Click Upload.
      2. Authenticate your Google login details. 
    4. The new document will be saved in the Attachments file field, and clicking the attached file will open it in Google Docs. 

Disabling Google Drive in File Fields

If you do not want users to see the options to attach google documents, you can disable the Google integration in the file field wizard. To do so:

  1. Edit the file field in question by navigating to [Setup Table] > Fields > [Edit the field].
  2. Navigate to the Options tab.
  3. Select No under Allow Google Documents.
  4. Click Finish.