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Go Live Usability Recommendations

There are several things that can be done by administrators to make the system more user friendly, and many of these are done near the end of the implementation process.

  • Create saved searches using variables to help people find items of interest (searching) avoid duplication of searches.
  • Edit the quick search list of fields for each table where quick searches are being run to remove irrelevant fields (Tables/indexes). See Quick Search Fields.
  • Create dashboards for each role and set them as the default for that role (dashboards).
    • Ensure that permissions for dashboards are set appropriately so not all users can create their own widgets, for performance reasons.
  • Adjust the left pane setup to assign default left panes to all user roles (setup > look and feel).
  • Configure shortcuts and user preferences and apply them to groups (setup > look and feel).
  • Configure email templates that users can use to send manual emails (email > templates).
  • Ensure that reports are available to the right people (via permissions) and that permissions avoid massive report creation by all users.
  •  Add color and diagrams where possible to make things easier to use : icon coloring, row coloring in views, diagrams with icons for quick understanding.
  • Add input instructions or hover-over messages to help users.
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